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There are many wooden churches scattered throughout the villages of Gorj County, some of them hardly accessible, while others can be visited and admired with ease. A truly priceless cultural heritage element, these are mostly overlooked by both tourists and authorities, many being in poor condition. The majority of these wooden churches are located in the villages closer to the mountains, with a bigger density found in the settlements of Balanesti, Scoarta, Targu Carbunesti, Bumbesti Jiu, Crasna, Bengesti-Ciocadia, Lelesti, Pades, Pestisani, Tismana and others. Unfortunately, few of these are signaled or marked and access is difficult at times.

The wooden churches of Gorj County have been declared historical monuments for their immense value. Although each one might present little tourist attraction, viewed as a whole and part of tours and experiences, they can provide a deeper image into the authenticity of the destination. There are over a hundred beautiful wooden churches in Gorj County, many of the older villages still preserving their original church even though they also have new and larger ones. Their unique architecture and craftsmanship gives a glimpse into the traditional lifestyle of the ancestors. Finding them might seem difficult as sometimes they are not even signed, but the local people will always have good directions.

Dating as back as the 17th century, many of these churches feature impressive traditional architecture, amazing wood crafting prowess that attest to the ingenuity and innovation of their builders. Some still preserve original paintings and frescoes, old icons and valuable religious artifacts, while others are located in splendid natural locations. The wooden churches of Gorj County have been included in the 7 most endangered sites of Europe, together with the ones in neighboring counties. Many of them have been renovated and preserved, but there are also some in danger of being lost forever due to deprecation.