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Artistic Sights

The county of Gorj offers a remarkable artistic heritage, starting with the universal masterpiece created by Constantin Brancusi in the city of Targu Jiu. Besides the Heroes Path Monumental Complex, comprised by The Endless Column, The Gate of Kiss and The Table of Silence, Gorj also offers several other artistic monuments of travel interest: the modern sculptures of Targu Jiu, the statues and memorial monuments of Targu Jiu and several others.

Historical Sights

There are hundreds of historical monuments in Gorj County, buildings and houses that exhibit interesting or valuable architectural features. Most of them are located in the urban setting of Targu Jiu, although there are also many in the villages of Gorj. Amongst others, travelers should see the historical building in the centre of Targu Jiu and Targu Carbunesti, the architectural ensembles of Targu Jiu and Balteni, the unique stronghold houses and others.

Museums & Memorials

Gorj County features several extremely interesting museums and memorial houses, presenting different aspects from the past and everyday life of its inhabitants. From the stunning Traditional Architecture Museum of Curtisoara village to the fascinating History Museum of Gorj and from the Memorial House of Constantin Brancusi to the Wooden Crosses Museum, there are plenty of insightful destinations showing the culture, history and traditions.

Religious Sights

With several impressive monasteries that combine the religious, historical and architectural significance with splendid locations, with secluded hermitages on solitary mountain peaks and century old inspiring churches, Gorj County offers plenty of wondrous religious sites. Among the most interesting, visitors should see the Tismana, Lainici and Pologragi monasteries, the Cioclovina hermitages, the churches of Targu Jiu and the rural wooden churches.